Friday, September 28, 2007

Working Hard!

I 've had to work "at my other job" for the last two days so I am a bit behind in my "blogging". I was successful in loading my quilt, but I must say, my quilting "leaves a lot to be desired". I am having a really hard time with getting a consistent good tension, on the front AND back. The front is beautiful, but the back is a combination of "okay" to straight line. I really think it is the operator though. When the Pat, my machine dealer, was showing me how to thread the machine, I wasn't listening as well as I should have. The pictures don't give me quite enough information, so I am going to email tonight for clarification. I also purchased the Towa Tension Gauge "thingy" so I think that will help me a lot as well.

Well, gotta go get ready for work tomorrow!



Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Oh Boy!

I woke up this morning with a dull headache---at times I have trouble sleeping and last night was one of those nights. I was really excited to see how Harriet works. I drank my cup of Java and took my blood pressure pills (I wanted to make sure I didn't keel over before I even got a chance to try my hand at circles); cracked my knuckles (people say it loosens your hands up) and practiced slow deep breathing (I have a tendency to hold my breath when I concentrate and holding ones breath increases your blood pressure---I am a nurse after all). When I was sufficiently relaxed I went down to try my hand at quilting via a pantograph. My husband was standing there watching in amazement (I thought--it may have been doubt--but I digress) when I BROKE A NEEDLE (with a horrific sound). Oh My Goodness---I know I didn't breathe for at least 5 minutes (I was starting to get dizzy) but when I looked at my husbands face it said "OMG, she just got this thing and already she has broken it---I haven't even paid for it yet". Not to fear however, I KNOW HOW TO CHANGE A NEEDLE and I chose to ignore that sound. When he wasn't looking I looked to see if there was any small pieces of metal laying around on the floor and when I changed the needle, it did still sew with the same nice sound--so I was okay from that point---but I gotta tell you, my pantograph quilting did not look like Judy's, Bonnie's or Mary's. In fact, I haven't seen anyone's that looked like mine.

I tried and tried to the point where I was now sweating (and I don't sweat), my headache had gotten worst, and I was nauseated. I decided to shut down and go upstairs to research on the internet (what I always do when I have run out of options). I went to You Tube and searched "how to line up a pantograph" and Low and behold, there is a video by "Penney" that was perfect. She told me exactly what to do. I tripped down the stairs and following her directions----lined up my pantograph (tada). It still doesn't look like Judy's, Bonnie's or Mary's, but you can see the pattern and it is lined up perfectly.

I have put together a charity quilt kit that I got at Guild Meeting and tomorrow I will quilt my first real quilt!!!!!!!! Pictures will follow (one way or the other).

Hugs and wish me luck!


Monday, September 24, 2007

"Harriet" is in the House

Today "she" came!!! I was too excited and actually stood at the door looking up the street--how "uncool" is that. Anyway, the Dealer and her husband arrived and the machine was together in no time. Then my first lessons began. I did pretty good, I know how to thread the machine; wind a bobbin (both on the machine and using the stand alone winder); tie off threads and of course load a quilt. I started using a pantograph (a little harder than I thought). After she left I breathe a sigh and then just looked at the machine. I am now a bit nervous. I am going to read the book and then get up early in the morning and quilt away.

I am posting some pictures of the machine and the "stuff" I have to move back into my room. All is well with the world.



Sunday, September 23, 2007


I am taking you "experienced" bloggers advice and posting some pictures. They are of my "clean" sewing room. It's funny, when I decided to take over my dining room and move from a very small bedroom, it seemed like I had loads of space. Then I immediately outgrew that space and was wandering through the house looking from more. After all, your house is suppose to meet your needs--right. I am not a "traditional" sort---so was wondering, do I really need a living room? my husband had taken over my old sewing area for his "hobby"-TV room. Does he really need that?!?

Needless to say, I was forced to try to organize more--then I purchased Harriet with a 12 foot table no less. I am posting pictures of my clean sewing room, BUT the living room has bins I have got to get in after delivery and set up. Hopefully I can put them below the table. There was a lot of discussion on one web group about the state of our sewing rooms, so thought I would post my "neat" pictures first.-----plus I am testing out and seeing if I can do this.

Hope it works!

Hugs and have a good night!


My First Post

I have really gotten into reading the daily post of quilters and decided---why not? I don't know whether anyone will even read what I have to say, but I have always liked the idea of a journal---why not have one about what I really like to do --- which is quilting!

I plan to try to post at least every other day---a realistic goal I think! and include a few personal things, but mostly quilting things.

If I find this isn't going to be something I can do---then all I have to do is click a button right!

I guess I should introduce myself---

I have been quilting seriously for about 10 years or so (I really don't know), but I really started when I found out I was going to be a Grandmother for the first time---14 years ago. I am a L/D nurse who also teaches nursing part-time. I have five adult children (all of whom I really like and her are successfully doing their "own thing") and 4 grandchildren. I have been married for a long time----soon to be 33 years to a man who supports my quilting hobby to the max. I currently live in TN although my husband and I grew up in Oklahoma--moved to Chicago---and then Jacksonville, FL before settling here to be near 3 of my Grandchildren.

I am anxiously awaiting the delivery of a Gammill Premier that I plan to put to good use. My current worry is whether it will fit into my sewing space, formerly my formal dining room. I plan to post pictures later this afternoon.

I hope this will be fun for me and fun to those of you who will read it.

More later!