Monday, September 24, 2007

"Harriet" is in the House

Today "she" came!!! I was too excited and actually stood at the door looking up the street--how "uncool" is that. Anyway, the Dealer and her husband arrived and the machine was together in no time. Then my first lessons began. I did pretty good, I know how to thread the machine; wind a bobbin (both on the machine and using the stand alone winder); tie off threads and of course load a quilt. I started using a pantograph (a little harder than I thought). After she left I breathe a sigh and then just looked at the machine. I am now a bit nervous. I am going to read the book and then get up early in the morning and quilt away.

I am posting some pictures of the machine and the "stuff" I have to move back into my room. All is well with the world.