Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I am not having fun with this machine at all!!!!! Thank goodness I bought 100 needles because I have broken everyone that came with the machine. I still don't know why! The tension on the front is great, but the back is another story. I get straight lines and so I follow the directions (which are very limited for the Premier) and still get a straight line. I bought a Towa gauge ($69) setter, and still get straight lines (poor directions again). Then I dropped the bobbin case and now the bobbin doesn't go around like before smoothly, so again following poorly written instructions, I think I fixed the problem. Just to be on the safe side I ordered another bobbin case ($39). I wondering if this was a good idea, but I am going to stick with it and I WILL learn how to do this!!!!!!!! The problem is the majority of the instructions are for the big machines. This little ones have absolutely no detailed instructions that I can find--which seems a bit unfair but I don't rule the world so I'll go with it.

Well, gotta go to work! Have a great day with perfect stitches on the back of your quilts!!