Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Oh Boy!

I woke up this morning with a dull headache---at times I have trouble sleeping and last night was one of those nights. I was really excited to see how Harriet works. I drank my cup of Java and took my blood pressure pills (I wanted to make sure I didn't keel over before I even got a chance to try my hand at circles); cracked my knuckles (people say it loosens your hands up) and practiced slow deep breathing (I have a tendency to hold my breath when I concentrate and holding ones breath increases your blood pressure---I am a nurse after all). When I was sufficiently relaxed I went down to try my hand at quilting via a pantograph. My husband was standing there watching in amazement (I thought--it may have been doubt--but I digress) when I BROKE A NEEDLE (with a horrific sound). Oh My Goodness---I know I didn't breathe for at least 5 minutes (I was starting to get dizzy) but when I looked at my husbands face it said "OMG, she just got this thing and already she has broken it---I haven't even paid for it yet". Not to fear however, I KNOW HOW TO CHANGE A NEEDLE and I chose to ignore that sound. When he wasn't looking I looked to see if there was any small pieces of metal laying around on the floor and when I changed the needle, it did still sew with the same nice sound--so I was okay from that point---but I gotta tell you, my pantograph quilting did not look like Judy's, Bonnie's or Mary's. In fact, I haven't seen anyone's that looked like mine.

I tried and tried to the point where I was now sweating (and I don't sweat), my headache had gotten worst, and I was nauseated. I decided to shut down and go upstairs to research on the internet (what I always do when I have run out of options). I went to You Tube and searched "how to line up a pantograph" and Low and behold, there is a video by "Penney" that was perfect. She told me exactly what to do. I tripped down the stairs and following her directions----lined up my pantograph (tada). It still doesn't look like Judy's, Bonnie's or Mary's, but you can see the pattern and it is lined up perfectly.

I have put together a charity quilt kit that I got at Guild Meeting and tomorrow I will quilt my first real quilt!!!!!!!! Pictures will follow (one way or the other).

Hugs and wish me luck!


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