Sunday, September 23, 2007


I am taking you "experienced" bloggers advice and posting some pictures. They are of my "clean" sewing room. It's funny, when I decided to take over my dining room and move from a very small bedroom, it seemed like I had loads of space. Then I immediately outgrew that space and was wandering through the house looking from more. After all, your house is suppose to meet your needs--right. I am not a "traditional" sort---so was wondering, do I really need a living room? my husband had taken over my old sewing area for his "hobby"-TV room. Does he really need that?!?

Needless to say, I was forced to try to organize more--then I purchased Harriet with a 12 foot table no less. I am posting pictures of my clean sewing room, BUT the living room has bins I have got to get in after delivery and set up. Hopefully I can put them below the table. There was a lot of discussion on one web group about the state of our sewing rooms, so thought I would post my "neat" pictures first.-----plus I am testing out and seeing if I can do this.

Hope it works!

Hugs and have a good night!



Rachel said...

I am delighted that you have started a blog. I have thought that that is a terrific way to share ideas and information with others of the same interest. I will be looking forward to reading what you write. Congratulation on getting the new machine. Are you just going to quilt for our self or are you going professional? Also I hope you find a local quilt group and a small quilt group. It can be so rewarding.

Sandi said...

Pat, it will take a little getting use to, blogging that is. After awhile you will find that's its more fun that writing a traditional journal. I am looking forward to reading yout blog. Congratulations on your new venture.